A pecan pie (additionally referred to as a pecan pie) is an American recipe this is normally made on Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday I remembered this recipe that a few American buddies gave me years in the past and shared with you. I sold pecans from an natural keep that simply opened in my neighborhood. However, different instances I have not visible them, I’ve changed them with normal pecans, as they may be from the identical own circle of relatives and are pretty similar. The dough is a candy dough with eggs. If you need to shop for ready-made puff pastry, it’s far higher to shop for puff pastry than quick puff pastry. But it’s far really well worth making it via way of means of hand due to the fact it’s far a distinct dough than we’re used to.

* Ingredients :

+ To put together the pecan pie dough

° 225 grams of wheat flour

° one hundred ten g butter

° 110g white sugar

° four egg yolks+ to fill in° three eggs

° one hundred ten grams of sugar

° five tablespoons syrup (you may update liquid honey)

° three tablespoons of rum

° 175g pecans (or walnuts)

° 50 gm butter

° Vanilla extract

° salt


Make the dough, blending all of the components on the identical time in a meals processor.

This also can be terminated manually. Once done, wrap it in obvious paper and area it withinside the refrigerator for an hour.Put the oven at two hundred stages Celsius.

Roll out the dough and positioned an oiled cake tin to save you it from sticking.

Beat eggs and blend with sugar. Melt the butter and upload this and different filling components, such as a pinch of salt and some drops of vanilla.

Enjoy !


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